February 2023



Brattleboro, Vt., February 27, 2023 — Chrome-View Charles 3044 recently topped the record for the most lifetime milk produced by a U.S Holstein cow. The record-breaking cow is owned by Mason’s Chrome View farm in Nottingham, Pennsylvania.

The 13-year-old Registered Holstein® cow is in her tenth lactation and broke the record with her lifetime milk production record of 478,200 pounds of milk, 14,447 pounds of fat, and 12,576 pounds of protein and counting.

“As is typical of dairy cows, she prefers to spend her time eating, chewing her cud, being milked, or resting in one of her three favorite stalls,” the farm’s herd manager Sarah Cady shares. “She vocally protests her dry period and is notably more content once she freshens and resumes her place in the lactating herd.”

Alan and Pamela Mason own Mason’s Chrome View and manage it along with their son Paul Mason. Together with their employees, they focus on providing the highest standard of care possible to their herd of 500 Registered Holstein cows.

“It is not one or two main things, but rather diligence in a multitude of small things that were key to her success,” Paul explains.

Chrome-View Charles 3044’s monumental milk production record surpasses the total of the record of 460,720 pounds of lifetime milk, set by Stone-Front Leader Hilda in 2020. Prior to Hilda, Koepke K0017229-1660 broke the record in 2003 with a lifetime milk total of 458,616. The record was established in 1978 by Breezewood Patsy Bar Pontiac with her final lifetime total of 425,769.

The Mason family says 3044 requires very little attention beyond routine animal husbandry practices. Now in her 10th lactation, she has consistently bred back on her first or second service. The rockstar cow also has sound conformation.

“Her build is classic Holstein of average size, open rib, excellent dairy character, remarkable feet and legs, and an udder still beautifully attached as a tenth lactation dairy cow,” Cady says. “These features have undoubtedly contributed to her longevity.”

The impressive production cow is classified Very Good 88 as a four-year-old and is a Holstein Association USA Region 2 Elite Performer. Her maternal line has the Chrome-View prefix tracing back to an animal born in 1958. She is sired by Cee-Whit Shottle Charles-ET.

For many years, the Registered Holstein cow has been known as the most efficient producer of high-quality milk. Chrome-View Charles 3044 has fed an incredible amount of people in her lifetime. These calculations help put her lifetime milk production total into perspective.

Chrome-View Charles 3044’s 478,200 pound lifetime milk production record total is equivalent to:

  • 55,605 gallons of milk
  • 889,674 cups of milk
  • 47,820 pounds of cheese1
  • Enough cheese for 127,520 twelve-inch pizzas2
  • 593,120 scoops of ice cream3
  • 22,557 pounds of butter4

Her lifetime milk production total would also feed 10 people for over 80 years, if each person had the daily requirement of 3 servings of milk per day.5

Taking the average milk price over CHROME-VIEW CHARLES 3044’s ten lactations, and the amount of milk she produced, her lifetime milk production has a value of $92,402.50.6

With her extreme longevity, milk production, reproductive efficiency, and health traits, Chrome-View Charles 3044 is an incredible testament to what is possible with U.S. Registered Holsteins!



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