October 2022


Feeding encapsulated pepper to dairy cows during the hot season improves performance without affecting core and skin temperature. By Vittorazzi et al., page 9542. Peppers, rich in capsaicin, have shown thermoregulation and slimming properties. This experiment evaluated different doses of a feed additive containing capsaicin on dairy cows' performance and physiological parameters (respiration rate and body temperature). Feeding capsaicin, regardless of the dose, increased feed intake, and fat-corrected milk and solids yield without affecting nutrient digestibility and physiological parameters. Feeding encapsulated pepper can improve performance without increasing body temperature of cows.

Paulo Cesar Vittorazzi Jr., Caio S. Takiya, Alanne T. Nunes, Mauro S.S. Dias, Nathalia T.S. Grigoletto, Francisco P. Rennó
Journal of Dairy Science, DOI:https://doi.org/10.3168/jds.2022-22078