Effects of nutritional strategies on colostrum quality and yield are variable as influenced by sow colostrum production capacity, parity, farrowing induction protocol, and gestation length. The greatest opportunity to maximize colostrum yield and quality is through proper management of body condition in gestation such that sows are not in a negative energy balance when entering farrowing. Total colostrum fat percentage can be increased through the addition of dietary fat or oil. Colostrum fatty acid composition can also be changed by addition of dietary oil or increased branched chain amino acids. Colostrum protein and immunoglobulins are more challenging to influence.


Madie R. Wensley, MS; Mike D. Tokach, PhD; Jason C. Woodworth, PhD; Robert D. Goodband, PhD; Joel M. DeRouchey, PhD; Jordan T. Gebhardt, DVM, PhD
American Association of Swine Veterinarians - Full Article